Running advice for beginners from the experts

I attended a session of School of Running organized by Coach Ravinder and the guys at Jogo app today at Leisure Valley. Two long distance runners- Paramvir Singh and Rashmi Mohanty shared tips and answered questions about running. The event was mostly for beginners but nonetheless, it validated some of the things I have learned since I started running.

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Dwarka Half Marathon

My full marathon training plan has a timed half marathon and I registered for this one. I was supposed to run last year but couldn’t because I was exhausted. Last year at this time, running a half marathon was a huge deal and I prepared for months for it. I haven’t run in Dwarka and don’t know when I will get the opportunity again so this half marathon was a way to get familiar with that part of the city.

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The run I couldn’t finish

I know I shouldn’t start off on such a negative note but it is what it is. The plan was to reach Lodi gardens on Saturday morning at 5-5.30 am and run loops around and inside for 27 km. S was planning to run as well and we had decided to meet up for b’fast. It rained all night on Friday and on Saturday morning. So I skipped the run. Sure, it was nice and sunny at 7 am and I could have atleast done the 13 km run but I was enjoying a relaxed morning in bed for a change. So, I headed to Lodi Gardens yesterday morning and started running at 6 am.

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Myths about running

21st July 2015

My life right now revolves around running. I have started training for the full marathon… more about it in another post. It is too early to talk about FM (full marathon). Specially because am freaking out and terribly nervous. I have to run 28 km in 2 days this weekend- 10 km on Saturday and 18 km on Sunday and that is making me jittery. The 18 km run is the only thing on my mind 24/7 these days. The maximum distance I have run is 21 km and there has been considerable period of rest before and after the run. 28 km in 2 days is my Everest right now.

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FAQs on running- for beginners

17th April 2015

Hini has asked me a few questions in comments of previous post. I thought it is better to put it in a post so everyone can read them.

1) What kind of warm up do you prefer before your runs?

Warm is very, very, very important if you want to stay injury free. I generally walk for 200-300 meters, then jog for another 200 meters and then start running. So, my 500 meters are generally the slowest.

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Back to Running

29th March 2015

I am back…. slower… but back. And it feels fucking good. I wanted to write this post once I had a few tempo runs and long runs under my belt.

I woke up at 5.30 am today but the sun wasn’t up… couldn’t sleep so got out of bed at 6.05 anyway. I stood in the balcony looking at GFR- Gurgaon Faridabad Road… I wanted to run there but wasn’t sure how safe it is. The last time I ran here, a year back, I got eve teased. A minor incident but enough to deter me from running there again. Recently, I had seen a lot of people running there so maybe it wasn’t an issue now. The thought of running a loop around Galleria just made me feel… ‘ugh’… I decided to run to the Badminton court and then decide where to go next.

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