The last long run before ADHM

Today was the last long run before ADHM organised by Adidas (as a promotion for their Delhi Marathon in Feb’16), Coach Ravindra and a few other NGOs.

I was extremely low and bored last few weeks which reflected on my fitness levels. There was no enthusiasm for the gym or running and I just wanted to take a break. In a regular month, this is ok. But not right now. There is ADHM followed by SCMM (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon) followed by New Delhi Marathon. And if I still have energy or motivation I want to run the half marathon on the F1 track at Greater Noida in March.

To get me out of my slump, I decided to push myself out of the comfort zone and run with the group. They were running on a slope at Ghata village on the Gurgaon Faridabad road and I joined them. I loved the stretch. It is 1.5 km of traffic free safe stretch and not very far from where I live. You can even run there alone. I also came across General D P Singh who has run 12 half marathons with a prosthetic leg. You can read about him here. How inconsequential are our lives and how little our miseries!!!

On the trip to Kasauli, my legs were salivating at the thought of running on the steep slopes and I didn’t want to disappoint them. I ran 3 km uphill and 3 km downhill. Slope/hill runs are very stressful and they make my legs ache. Surprisingly, my legs didn’t hurt at all. Maybe it was the fresh mountain air which made the run so easy.

Today’s run made me realise why I continue to run long distances. The roads, the weather, so many runners, the beautiful city of Delhi with it’s long history, all the landmarks I crossed… and the feeling of joy I got at the 10 km mark…. this is why I run. And one good run makes up for the stress and pain from all the bad ones. My target of 2.5 hrs for 21 km seems slightly far fetched but I will give it my all. Even if I miss it by a few minutes, am going to be ok. Because that is not the point at all. The timing will happen, if not this year then next year. I have all the time in the world. And if I die, I will continue to pursue the timing in hell (definitely NOT going to heaven).


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