November Fitness Plan

9th December 2013

November was a bad month for fitness. 5 days of Diwali (when I binged on chocolates), 4 days of travelling and 15 days when the cook took an off. I was off the diet and worked out for only 13 days. I was sure there was no weight loss (but I hoped otherwise). I did not want to see the results but got the BMA (Body Mass Analysis) done anyway. The results were disappointing. I have gained 3 kg of weight and my protein weight has reduced by 800 gm. But all is not lost- I have reduced inches (dont know how). And I am sure I can lose the 3 kg in a month – maybe even more.

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is next Sunday. KC and I picked up our bib numbers and goodie bag yesterday from NSIC, Okhla. We also registered on Facebook. Our run time will be automatically updated on fb by Airtel. Awesome.

Yesterday was my last long run. I have joined a group of runners in Gurgaon on fb… Havent interacted with anyone but I get updates about running events. There is a 10 km run at a farmhouse in Gurgaon on 22nd Dec organized by Megapink – an initiative by Milind Soman. I decided to go for it even though I have never even walked 10 km. Even if I dont finish within the time, its ok. Yesterday was my practice session for this. I did an 8 km for the first time and would have done more but had to meet a friend.
There was a post on fb inviting runners for a last run at 6.30 am on Sunday. I decided to join them…. Woke up at 5.45 and reached Galleria by 6.30 to find nobody there. Felt like a fool. Then I saw 3 experienced runners – the ones who will be warming up and wearing all kinds of gear. Good thing I didnt join them, they started 15 mins after me and comfortably overtook me.

A hectic but productive weekend- my favorite kind. I am all excited about next Sunday. It will be quite an experience and I am glad KC will be with me. I guess love is when your hubby agrees to run 6 km with you and also comes along for the practice session at 6 am on a weekend.


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