FAQs on running- for beginners

17th April 2015

Hini has asked me a few questions in comments of previous post. I thought it is better to put it in a post so everyone can read them.

1) What kind of warm up do you prefer before your runs?

Warm is very, very, very important if you want to stay injury free. I generally walk for 200-300 meters, then jog for another 200 meters and then start running. So, my 500 meters are generally the slowest.

At the gym I do the following workouts for warm up:

– Jumping Jacks

– Arms rotation

– Skipping

– Jumping

– Torso swings

You can check out some of these here. Warm up is pretty simple. Just do basic stuff you would have done in your PT class at school. Your body just needs to be warm before you start the workout.

2) What kind of stretches do you normally do?

I always, always, always stretch after any workout. Specially since the injury I don’t skimp on stretching.


Below are the stretches I do after running (refer to pic for details). Pic taken from here

– Chest

– Upper back

– Back of upper arms

– Front of thighs

– Inner thighs

– In addition I also do the torso bend – Spread your feet wide apart, bend to the right, touch your toes and try to touch your head to your knee. Repeat on the other side

– Spread your feet wide apart, bend down and touch your toes with both hands. Bring your head as close to your body as possible

I have also started foam rolling but a foam roller is expensive and not required at this stage.

3) I have started running again after a year, and in span of five days managed to do two runs (7.07 km and 8.10 km respectively) I enjoyed both, but have started running beyond 5 k now, and I realized that I have to do run walk thing since I am not able to run continuously more than 0.5 km or at the max 1km some good days. I get breathless running long, so I start slow and walk for few minutes then run agin. do u had such experience when yu started first running? what would u suggest in this case so that I can get better at running longer and reduce my slow and walking time bit?

Start slow. It is not about the distance. Try to run as much as possible… start with 2-3 km… try and reduce walking in every run. Once you can run more than 50% of the distance, increase the distance. I wouldn’t recommend running 7 or 8 km at this stage.

As for breathlessness, I had the same experience when I started running. In fact, I would get chest pains. On checking online I realized that I should breathe out with my mouth. I breathe in with my nose and breathe out with my mouth and that helps. I am not sure how correct that is though. So please check online before following this.

These are the kind of runs in a week:

– Slow run : 4 km. Normal pace. No straining myself

– Speed run : 4 km. Target is to reduce the timing as much as possible

– Interval run : 4 km. Sprint… slow down… sprint.. slow down

– Long distance runs : Anything above 5 km. This is done on the Sunday

Now I will increase my distance to 5 km and try to reduce the timing for that.

Also, it helps to have a long term plan. Why are you running? What is your target? Do you want to run a half marathon in a few months? That way there is a goal and you are working towards it.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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