Back to Running

29th March 2015

I am back…. slower… but back. And it feels fucking good. I wanted to write this post once I had a few tempo runs and long runs under my belt.

I woke up at 5.30 am today but the sun wasn’t up… couldn’t sleep so got out of bed at 6.05 anyway. I stood in the balcony looking at GFR- Gurgaon Faridabad Road… I wanted to run there but wasn’t sure how safe it is. The last time I ran here, a year back, I got eve teased. A minor incident but enough to deter me from running there again. Recently, I had seen a lot of people running there so maybe it wasn’t an issue now. The thought of running a loop around Galleria just made me feel… ‘ugh’… I decided to run to the Badminton court and then decide where to go next.

But as soon as I reached the gate, my feet took me towards GFR. The heart wants what it wants and the body has no option but to obey. GFR is fabulous…. I generally take this route to the gym… it’s a toll road, with less traffic, no buildings and always makes me feel like am going on a road trip instead of the gym 5 km away. Really… really… need to take a road trip soon. Everytime I take the wheel I never want to stop driving. Another great thing about the road is that it has many, many slopes. The only road I know in Gurgaon (or rather Haryana) with slopes. Slopes are necessary for half marathon training. I came across quite a few bikers, cyclists and runners making it safe. And there are volunteers from Run with Me providing water support for runners like me on weekends. How cool is that!!!

The run was tough. Everytime I ran fast, I had to end up walking. That’s when I told myself- this is about the distance, not the time. You just need to finish, the speed will come. Today’s objective is to finish 10 km. And I did by running slower. Nope, no pain in my feet or anything… so I guess, am back. For me 10 km is an important distance. If I can manage 10 km without aches and injury, the rest will come naturally and half marathon won’t be an issue.

And so starts the training for the next half marathon in May. It’s a trail run which is so much harder than running on the road. And it’ll be hot. But since it starts at 5.30 am, hopefully I’ll be done before it gets too sunny.

Target – Half Marathon in May and continue training for full marathon after that

Weekday runs – Speed work. Current target is to run 4 km at average pace of 7 min/km. Once I reach this target, I will increase the distance to 5 km. Route will be around the building or on GFR

Weekend runs – Long distances… route will be Gurgaon to Delhi. Any other route recommendations welcome.

This feels good.

Now, am off. Lots to do- visit the tailor, laundry, clear out the mess in the house, wash clothes, make b’fast, go to the gym for stretching, take a bath (yes, I need to put it on the to do list else it won’t happen), plan a hectic gym schedule for this week- all in preparation for MIL’s (Mom-in-Law) visit this week starting today.

Since KC booked the flight ticket only yesterday, am hoping MIL hasn’t had any time to buy sabjis to bring along to Gurgaon… because… we, obviously, don’t get any ‘good’ vegetables here.

Oops… I forgot KC reads this blog.

*scoots off to twitter for the MIL jokes. Remembers to block KC so he cannot read them*


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