18km run

1st November 2014

Hiya. I am lying in bed with exhaustion even though all I want to do is go the gym or to the mall or just outdoors.

Today was my 18 km run- the longest and last run before Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (on 23rd November). I had planned it 1 month earlier and for the entire week all I could think about was 18 km. The maid and cook were given an off because KC is not home and I needed to start running at 6/6.30 am. There is so much permutation/combination and planning required. Should I run on Saturday or Sunday?

Running on Saturday means I have to skip TRX on Friday (my fav class at Fitness First) because I don’t want to be sore the next morning. But it gives me 2 days of rest and I can workout on Sunday.

Running on Sunday means no workout on Saturday except yoga. And I get only 1 day of rest but will definitely be sore on Monday making it more challenging to go to work.

I have decided to run on Saturday mornings now.

This is the plan for the next few weeks:

– Next week : Workout for 2 hours everyday… 4-5 km run every morning… strength training every evening. Short (around 8-10 km) run at Lodhi Gardens on Saturday morning. Yep… I will drive for an hour… run… have b’fast at AAD… drive back.

– The week after that : Same schedule as above but no long runs on the weekend

– The week after that (before ADHM) : No strength training… just yoga/pilates and cardio. I don’t want to be sore at all for the half marathon so will skip weights for a week.

– The week after ADHM : Rest for 2 days… no running for atleast a week… workout for only 1 hour per day Wednesday onwards

– The week after that : Back to the hectic workout schedule and train for Standard Chartered Half Marathon in Mumbai on 18th Jan


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